Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23 – Here’s a look at the opponents in 2022 We don’t know the schedule yet, but who will play next year

The last NFL draft is in the books, and with the offseason in full swing, there’s no better time to start next season. That debate will begin with who will play in 2022, and while the schedule has yet to be announced for this spring, we already know the list of opponents Kansas City will play.

Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Here’s a look at next season’s opponents and each team’s record in 2021. Teams that have qualified for next season are marked with an asterisk. You’ll also see nine road games versus eight home games next season. The start of last year’s 17-game schedule was a series of home-and-home contests, which resulted in a solution to change the home game between conferences from season to season. . With a ninth home game advantage against the AFC last season, it means it will have a game against each member of the NFC this season.

Nfl Divisional Playoff Schedule, Including Chiefs Jaguars

For starters, they will have six games next season against AFC West rivals (Broncos, Raiders and Chargers). This is the part of the schedule that stays the same from time to time. Kansas City went 5-1 in divisional games last season and won each of its five AFC West championships.

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Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Additionally, (along with the rest of the AFC West) it will take over the entire AFC South (Titans, Colts, Texans, and Jaguars) and NFC West (Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, and Seahawks) in 2022. The NFL changes one division from the AFC and one division from the NFC. For example, last year the AFC North played against the NFC East.

There are 14 games left for next season, with three opponents remaining. Two of them (the Bengals and the Bills) were decided because of where each team finished in their division last season. Kansas City won the AFC West and tied them with the AFC North (Cincinnati) and AFC East (Buffalo) champions. The second team in the AFC West (Raiders) will play the second teams in those two divisions (Steelers and Patriots) and so on.

Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Here’s A Look At The Chiefs’ Opponents In 2022

The playoffs count the same, as each member of the AFC West plays the team that finished in the same spot in the NFC South. This will be against the champion of the NFC South (Buccaneers), but the Raiders, for example, will play against the New Orleans Saints (who finished second). The location of this game will change between conferences, so Kansas City will travel to Tampa Bay next year. This merger vision is based on a four-year rotation, meaning the AFC West will join the NFC East in 2023 and the NFC West in 2024.

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Again, the schedule will be announced this spring. The timing of that announcement is to be determined, but regardless, it all adds up to an exciting lineup of contenders in 2022 as a way to return to the Super Bowl.

Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

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Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

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Kc Chiefs Schedule 2023 23

Kansas City Chiefs 2022 23 Schedule And Results

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