Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Duke Football 2023 Schedule – December 28, 2022; Annapolis, Maryland, United States; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Elko stands with his team before the start of the 2022 Army game against the Central Florida Knights at Navy-Corps Memorial Stadium. Mandatory credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY SPORTS

Very few college football teams have been able to earn accolades from Duke football’s performances in 2022, as the storied program recently closed out its first season with nine or more wins since its run in 2014. -15 you.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Any football team with a bumpy bottom will turn heads with an unexpectedly good season, but this Duke scenario goes the extra mile when you look at how much the program has jumped.

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In 2021, the Blue Devils aren’t just bad, they’re scary. Sitting at 3-9 with a loss to Georgia Tech (an ACC team with the same record), they are the worst team the Atlantic has to offer. With that, they are set to begin 2022 with new head coach Mike Elko – a man with no previous title experience.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

In other words, the bar couldn’t be lower for Duke heading into this season. However, after a 9-4 run that saw both an impressive bowl win and the ability to compete with rivals, I suggest we don’t make a habit of judging books by their covers.

That success has led to plenty of hype for the Blue Devils from the college football media, from analysts like Kirk Herbstreit and EJ Manuel positioning them as a future ACC threat to Saturday Road’s Brett Friedlander already calling them one of the conference’s hopefuls. In response to everyone, I quote Lee Corso’s quote: “

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

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Elko’s breakout season has obviously given Duke fans plenty to look forward to, but let’s not commit to the idea of ​​the Blue Devils making an ACC title run just yet β€” and we’re definitely pinning it. . In any CFP communication.

As I said recently about the attention given to UNC football, hype can easily be corrupted by fraud, and I feel that is what is happening here. We see a historical problem set in the transition year and are ready to give it to the world – but we fail to look at the quality of the year itself.

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Duke Football 2023 Schedule

For starters, a 9-4 season is good, but nothing more. Such a statement would be true no matter what schedule a team has, but it is especially true in the case of Duke.

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Of Duke’s four losses, half came against teams that finished 2022 with losing records. As for the others, they are against teams that finished with the same amount of wins as the Blue Devils, which means they too have a clear finish.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Now one good thing to note is that none of those losses were decided by more than eight points, so Duke is in a good position to win all 13 of its games in 2022. But, with none of said games coming against opponents with double-digit wins, it’s hard to gauge how well the team will stack up against some of the more storied teams out there.

Speaking of which, let’s see what all of 2023 has in store for the Blue Devils. Does tracking them better show us how high their ceiling is? At first glance, I would definitely say so.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

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Duke has a number of tough games on the 2023 calendar that I think blow the season schedule out of the water. The most notable games include Clemson, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Florida State.

Each of these future opponents has done at least one of the following: won nine or more this season, or defeated Duke in a head-to-head season. In other words, they all proved they could play at and/or beat Duke. With all that said, I wouldn’t put my money on the Blue Devils making some remarkable run this fall β€” whether it’s to the ACC crown or the playoffs.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

I am one of many who are proud of what Duke Football has accomplished recently, becoming one of the college football legends that everyone loves to root for. However, I am honest first and spirit second. If the best this team can do is go 9-4 with a weak 2022 schedule, it would be ridiculous to expect a strong 2023 showing. Share all sharing options for: UNC Football: Tar Heels bend but don’t break in win over Duke for Bell the victory

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The buzzer seemed destined to paint an unmistakable shade of blue in the late minutes of the fourth quarter after UNC led by ten points and was down by four. The defense, which really shined in the third quarter after being abused by Duke’s ground game in the first half, crumbled before our eyes after UNC missed a late field goal that seemed to put the game away for the Tar Heels.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

With what can only be considered divine intervention, Duke missed a field goal of its own after going down the road on the field clock. He gave the Tar Heels the ball back with minimal expectations. This fraction is enough.

Drake May led the team on a nine-play, 74-yard drive that ended with a touchdown to Antoine Green to give UNC a 38-35 lead with seconds left on the clock. Duke, with three periods remaining, tried to get into field goal range to send the game into overtime, but Will Hardy put it away to tie the game for the Heels.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

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The Blue Devils had everything they wanted on the floor in the first half. They rushed for 192 yards en route to three touchdowns in the first half. For UNC, their stats are almost the opposite. All but 87 of UNC’s 265 first-half yards came through the air. A halftime rally was needed to prevent a 21-17 deficit from getting worse, and the Tar Heels left the locker room looking like a different team.

Carolina scored 21 unanswered points to take the top ten in the game. The Heels had a chance to kick a field goal that would have given them a comfortable lead heading into the late stages of the game, but a mistake by Noah Burnett seemed to set things apart on defense. Duke scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to regain the lead, and it looked like they could run out the clock long before their missed field goal.

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Duke Football 2023 Schedule

May threw for 380 yards and three touchdowns with zero interceptions and ran for 70 yards. He did have a questionable hit late, but that was a matter for the ACC referee. Josh Downs and Green were outstanding with 126 and 112 yards, respectively. Caleb Hood, Kamari Morales and Green accounted for the touchdowns, but Downs was still there to make his quarterback look good throughout the game.

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So it was another heart-stopping experience for the Tar Heels fans, but as has happened so many times this season, they managed to press on and not break. Years may have taken from our lives in the process, but we all have books.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

The Victory Bell can safely stay a better shade of blue when it returns to Chapel Hill for another year.

At 3-0 in conference play, Carolina stayed on top of the Coastal Yellow Jackets 2-1 Georgia Tech. The Tar Heels have the rest of the week off before Pitt comes to Chapel Hill on Oct. 29. The UConn Huskies and Duke Blue Devils have set a home-and-home schedule for 2023 and 2024, it was announced Monday.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Duke Student Affairs

The series will begin when UConn hosts Duke at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., on September 2, 2023. The Huskies will travel to face the Blue Devils next season at Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, North Carolina, on September 14, 2024.

UConn and Duke first met on the gridiron in 2004 and the two schools have played twice overall. The Huskies beat the Blue Devils in both meetings, 22-20 in East Hartford in 2004 and 45-14 in Durham in 2007.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

UConn now has three non-conference opponents for the 2023 season. The Huskies are scheduled to host NC State on Sept. 23 and travel to Boston University on Nov. 18.

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The Blue Devils now have three non-conference opponents scheduled for both the 2023 and 2024 seasons. Other opponents in 2023 include Northwestern on Sept. 9 and Notre Dame at a date to be announced, both in Durham.

Duke Football 2023 Schedule

Duke’s 2024 schedule currently includes a game at Northwestern on Sept. 7 and a home contest against Middle Tennessee, which

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