Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets – It looks like the Dolphins are not on track for a few divisional games at the end of the season

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Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

The NFL schedule is published, but there are a lot of team rosters that have slipped like the NFL is like a country or something. The Dolphin’s full roster is not in question, but some of their games are.

Ten Schedule Observations

Other games are also scheduled, such as the Dolphins heading to New Orleans for the MNF game on December 27, and Miami on the road against the Jaguars in London.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

But for me, the biggest takeaway that I can see and what I believe is the biggest takeaway from the schedule release date is that the Dolphins will not be on the road to the division games at the end of the year. I mean, if you’re going to call November 21st for the Jets the worst weather game for the Dolphins, I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re on the road.

Well, the Dolphins had to go to New England or Buffalo for their last game of the season, but not this time. Miami’s last home game against the Patriots is on January 9. Of course, Miami’s first and last games will be against the Patriots. Maybe the Dolphins will play two different QBs for those games but let’s not get into that right now.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Nfl 2022 2023 Miami Dolphins Magnet Schedule Dates & Times+monday Night Games

The most important thing is how many you have to go right and break your way for the team to make a run to the playoffs and beyond. The other, especially for the Dolphins, is that the planners, in their wisdom, will play the Dolphins without playing in cold climates at the end of the year against their opponents. I don’t care what the Dolphins do. You know when you see they have to go to Buffalo or New England at the end of December or January, we all sigh and say “oh that’s not good.” It’s good to know that we don’t have to worry about that this year.

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Overall, I would give the Dolphins an A+ based on their pitching system this season. I know there are about 10 games that are yet to happen. But if their overall game is up to par, then the Dolphins have a chance to earn an NFL roster spot from outsiders. I hope the Dolphins will be very focused and work hard all day. Miami should continue to play wrestling.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

By the way- I can’t wait for the ratings to break on the best NFL Affiliate show. I’m sure it will be better than most World Series and NBA Finals, and it says a lot about how the NFL will be king. Guess what? We already know this. There’s no need to beat other leagues when they’re down if you’re Roger Goodell. Well, I hope you do. Miami will play home-and-home games against three division opponents, facing both teams in the AFC North and NFC North, and battle teams that finish in the same place in their division. Miami finished last season (third) in the NFC West, AFC West and AFC South.

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One of the most notable games on the Dolphins 2022 schedule comes in Week 16 when Miami hosts Green Bay on Christmas Day. The game will be the first opener in the NFL’s third opener that day and will be televised nationally on FOX.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Christmas games are rare for the Dolphins as this is the fourth time in a row and the first since 2006. The Dolphins played their first Christmas game in the AFC Championship in 1971 when they won in Kansas City. Miami hosted Christmas games at Hard Rock Stadium with a 1994 win over Detroit and a 2006 loss to N.Y. Jets.

The Packers are also an interesting opponent that Dolphins fans don’t see at home. The storied franchise has not played in South Florida since 2014. In fact, this meeting is the only time Aaron Rodgers, the four-time NFL MVP, has played at Hard Rock Stadium.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Nfl United Kingdom

The Dolphins will play in another special broadcast window in Week 7 when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 23. The game starts at 8:20 p.m. on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

This marks Miami’s first Sunday Night Football game since 2017, when the Dolphins hosted the Raiders. This is only the third appearance of the Dolphins on SNF since NBC acquired the rights to the package in 2006.

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Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

It’s also a chance for fans to see a worthy opponent in the Steelers, who haven’t played in Hard Rock Stadium since 2016. It was a memorable game for the Dolphins as they went 1-4 but beat the Steelers, 30-15, starting a six-game winning streak that would see the team reach the playoffs.

Dolphins 2023 Schedule: Week 18 To Solidify Miami’s Opponents Next Year

Fans don’t have to wait long for some of the biggest time divisive games. The Dolphins open the season in Week 1 with a home game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, September 11.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

It’s been a home and friendly game against the Dolphins lately as Miami has won seven of its last nine games against New England. The Dolphins have also been impressive in recent season openers, posting a 6-3 mark in their first postseason game since 2013 despite six of those nine contests coming on the road.

The Dolphins will also host the two-time AFC East Buffalo Bills in September in a Week 3 contest on Sunday, September 25.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Miami Dolphins 2022 2023 Nfl Schedule

The Dolphins will play a nine-game regular season on the road for the first time in franchise history this season as all AFC teams play nine games away from home. When the NFL expanded to 17 games in 2021, they decided that the AFC would play nine home games in odd-numbered years and would play nine road games in even-numbered years.

Not only does Miami play nine road games but Miami also has two West Coast trips scheduled next in San Francisco (Week 13) and the LA Chargers (Week 14).

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Miami’s first regular season game at Cincinnati in Week 4 will be on Thursday Night Football on Thursday, September 29. This season marks the first year of Thursday Night Football aired by Amazon Prime Video.

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The Dolphins have won each of their last two games on Thursday Night Football. Baltimore hit at home in 2021 and won at Jacksonville in 2020.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

This is the third game between Miami and Cincinnati on Thursday Night Football, as the Bengals are the Dolphins’ opponent in Thursday’s games. The Dolphins beat Cincinnati with a long touchdown pass by DE Cameron Wake on China Night Play in 2013. The Bengals had their win at Paul Brown Stadium on China Night Play in 2016.

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The contest will be the third of Miami’s first four games that reached the playoffs last season. Miami is 3-4 against the defending AFC champions since 2017.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Seaworld Dolphin Interaction

The Dolphins will be hitting three new coaches this season. The first comes in Week 6 when Miami takes on Minnesota with new coach Kevin O’Connell. Fortunately, O’Connell finished part of the 2011 training camp as the starting quarterback on the Dolphins’ roster.

In Week 9, the Dolphins will travel to Chicago and face Matt Eberflus, who was the defensive coordinator of Indianapolis from 2018-2021.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

The Dolphins host Houston in Week 12, coach Lovie Smith’s first year but not his first. As the head coach of Chicago (2004-12) and Tampa Bay (2014-15), Smith faced the Dolphins just twice. Miami won it in 2006 but the Bears won in Miami in 2010 with Smith at the top. Dolphins defensive line coach Austin Clark served as defensive line coach on Smith’s staff at the University of Illinois from 2018-19.

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A good week in the middle of the road this year comes in Sunday 11, the week before Thanksgiving. It comes one year removed from the most recent bye week in team history in Week 14 at Miami in 2021.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

The split keeps the Dolphins in South Florida for three straight weeks as they host Cleveland last week and Houston the following week.

Miami is 16-15 all-time in games before a bye week and 19-14 in games following a bye week.

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

Will Jets Dolphins Be Available In Your Area In Week 18?

There are no easy games in the NFL but December will be a tough month for the Dolphins on paper. The month starts with three road games in San Francisco, the LA Chargers and Buffalo. It ends with a Christmas game against Green Bay.

In addition to making long trips to the west, Miami’s opponents are four in December

Dolphins Schedule 2023 Tickets

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